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"Makin' it the way it aughta be and then some"



   Gulden Construction Started in 1996 as Gulden Roofing and was licensed in individual cities.


    Most individual cities stopped their licensing system and accepted state contractor licenses so Gulden Roofing passed the state examination and received state roofing license # 20189915.

2000 Gulden Roofing joined the BBB.


    Popularity grew and people requested other projects to be completed by Gulden Roofing. In 2004 the examination for a residential building contractor’s license was completed and issued license # 20409143. The name was changed to Gulden Construction.


   The Department of Labor and Industry took over licensing from the Department of Commerce and the appropriate paperwork needed to be submitted. At this time Bonding was dropped as a license requirement. 


   The EPA implemented Lead Safety and required all businesses that work in homes to have a certification for lead based paint renovation, repair and painting. Gulden construction completed classes and received certification # NAT-117088-1. 


    In 2011 The Department of Labor and Industry went to a new licensing system that appears to cut their workload in half and double their income with technology fees. An online registration was implemented along with licensing every other year instead of yearly. There was problems because the license numbers had no letters in them so a new system of licensing a qualified individual identified with the company was given a number and all licensed business numbers changed. Gulden Construction is given License # BC409143. 


    Started a

PO Box 48748
Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Phone: +1 763-783-7181